Zooper Widget App Review: Ultimate Customization Tool


Android is not only famous because of its power, behavior, performance or user experience rather one of the most important features available is the heavy customization. There are lot of free Apps which provide great amount of features and now we are going to review the Zooper Widget App.

Customizing a phone is not only about changing wallpapers, launchers, themes or icons. It’s about changing everything. The way it looks, the way it works, it feels and the best way to do it by using Zooper Widget App. On other mobile platform there is not much possibility as we have on the Android platform.

Among the favorite customization apps, Zooper Widget App suite is rather new on the Play Store but it has already won some serious fans. It brings many features, including templates to download and fonts that come in all sizes, you can try out some cool fonts to try and have a more personalized setup. The App is able to display useful info, such as battery level, weather, WiFi signal and others.

Some of the Features

  • Build your style and change everything, color, text, shapes, position and more.
  • Complete customization of date and time (day of the year, week number, number to text…).
  • Weather for current or multiple locations on the same widget.
  • Missed calls, unread SMS, unread Gmail (multiple accounts and labels).
  • Completely dynamical and customizable TTF and PNG icon sets.
  • Create your templates easily, no functional limit, tons of variables and controls.
  • WYSIWYG editor with layers like Photoshop / Gimp.
  • System info, like up time, next alarm, SD card space.
  • WiFi network name, cell operator, signal strength, connection type.


Zooper Widget App is very easy to use, It can be used either by downloading a pre-designed template from the play store or by creating by selves. The widget is available in many sizes which makes them to use on phones as well as tablets. There are many templates and design available on the internet.


  • Does not consume much battery and memory.
  • Endless creative and fun app.


  • If you are not very good in customization you can mess up.
  • It takes time to set a screen of your choice.


For the customization feature it provides, it worth giving a try. If you love changing the look and feel of the device you must go for it. It is available in both free and donate version. The free version comes with advertisement and the paid version of the app comes with few more extra bundles like loading and saving template on SD card.