Top Android Productivity Apps: Extract the Best in Android

Top Android Productivity Apps
Top Android Productivity Apps

Android App space is gaining high weightage with new apps getting published daily. It is hard to find an App that really suits your need. There are some apps that help us increase the productivity and usability of our phones to unimaginable levels. So here we provide you the top Android productivity Apps.

Helium- App Sync and Backup(ICS 4.0+)

If you don’t want to lose all the achievements in Angry Birds after resetting your phone, then this is one of the best Android Productivity Apps. This App provides the only missing android system solution. The Helium app uses the functionality of Android, complete phone backup that introduced in ICS 4.0, to full fill this requirement.

With Helium, you can back up the “App Data” (which stores all the game or app information) of all the apps or the apps that you need and store it in your phone’s Internal storage, External storage, in the Cloud(Google Drive, Box, Drop Box) or in your computer.

Screen Filter, Screen Dim (Android 1.6+)

It is often very irritating to your eyes when you are using your phone during the night. Even at the lowest brightness, the eye feels pain. If you got this issue then we got you covered. Try any one of these Android Productivity apps. These two apps basically lets you to decrease the screen brightness lower than the default threshold value allowed by the phone’s manufacturer. So, this gives us a great level of comfort without compromising visibility at night.

Twilight (Android 2.1+)

Recent study has shown that, looking at your smart phone for hours before sleep, will distort you sleep cycle even when using your back support pillow. This app basically adapts with the time and changes the display with various tinted colors depending on the time of the day. Hence this is one of the essential apps which gives you comfort while viewing your phone and also protecting your irreplaceable eyes. So you could go ahead and try one of these Android Productivity Apps

Text and File Hider Plus (Android 2.2+)

This is one of the exceptional apps that helps you keep everything private. After installing, the app is displayed as   ”Battery plus” and even if we touch the app, it displays only the battery level. What others don’t know about this app is that, when you hold down the battery icon from the pop-up, you will be prompted to enter a 4 digit passcode.


  • Message to your contacts privately from this app. The messages won’t show up in normal messages.
  • Add private contacts inside this app.
  • Hide your private photos inside this app. All you need to do is, go to gallery, open the photo you want to hide, select share button and click on Battery Plus.
  • Take photos from this app, and it gets automatically hidden inside the app itself.
  • Browse privately with the browser that is provided

So if your mother or brother is spying on you this App becomes one of the most useful Android Productivity Apps for you.

True Caller (Android 2.2+)

This app doesn’t need any introduction. A must have app to reject calls, and get information about calls from unknown numbers. This app has a list of numbers from which network operators call the customers (ourselves) and advertise. This app blocks these calls instantly and gives us a notification about the blocked calls. You can also add numbers to the black list of numbers to reject calls. When you get a call from an unknown number, this app scans the number in the online directory and tries and pulls the information about the user who called.

This app provides a pop-up when we receive a call or a message and instantly displays all the information about the caller available from the internet and your phone. Even though this feature might be annoying at times, this app is so useful due to the first two feature mentioned.

This App is very much useful for every personnel and we rate it at the toppest of all the Android Productivity apps.

Cloud On (Office For Free)

Being one of highly android productive apps, this app helps us to view and edit Word, Power point, Excel files from the phone storage and from the cloud. Cloud Storages that are compatible with this app are: Box, drop Box, Google Drive, Sky Drive.

The interface is very modern and intuitive that you won’t regret trying it out.

Clueful Privacy Advisor (Android 2.2+)

Clueful is an app which shows you how all your installed apps uses or abuses your sensitive, personal information and treats your privacy. Depending on the information accessible for any particular app, while installing that app, Clueful checks it with its server and warns you with a notification depending on the amount of risk. No Risk, Moderate Risk, Highly Risk are the categories, so is better to use other server services with virtualization technology just to be sure. If you just installed an app that steals your personal information like email ID, phone number etc., then, you will be prompted with a pop-up with high risk factor and will be asked to uninstall the particular app. This app secures your Android phone to a very high extent and is one of the top Android Productivity apps.

So, these were the Apps which we Liked and those which caught our eye. If we missed any top Android Productivity Apps share with us.

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