Themer App for Android Review: Transform Your Droid the Easy Way

Themer App
Themer App

If you are a regular XDA visitor then there are chances that you have heard about the blog Mycolorscreen. This is a premium blog targeted totally to the extreme Android users and developers. Android has made many allowances for user to make his own customization. Mycolorscreen gives users a platform to share their Home Screens and its instructions online and let other users see and download it. It also allows new users to browse through the different home screens and to ask support if needed. Till now only moderate to expert user was able to replicate exactly the screens but Mycolorscreen wants the beginners to join the journey. They have released Themer App free for the users which allows them to change their home screen in a single click.

This app is basically a full-fledged launcher. Themer App has a list of some pre-designed Home Screens. Here a user can select a theme from Most Popular or Staff Picks and download it. After download the theme automatically gets applied. The look and feel of the Home Screen is same as the Screenshots. There are around 50 themes right now and more to be added later.

The Themer App is still in early Beta stages so you need to apply for a Beta code directly from the App itself or by going here. The App is an all-in-one package which sets your wallpapers, widgets, fonts everything automatically.
Features of Themer App

The app is free and themes are free.
Easily go back to your old Homescreen setup (though we doubt you’ll want to!).
All themes are customizable, or you can use them as-is.
New “Favorites” tab in the app drawer lets you quickly access your most-used apps.
Themer Actions technology learns your app preferences. It doesn’t matter if you’re using Pandora or Spotify for music, WeatherBug or AccuWeather for weather, or TweetCaster or HootSuite for Twitter. Themer will get it right.

We have tested the App intensely on our Nexus 4 and we are left impressed. Themer App allows users to download multiple themes at once. After the download user can apply and change any home screen he wants.
User Interface

The Themer App is designed quite cleanly. The App has a search bar on top which allows to search for the required theme. If you swipe from Left you would find an Action Bar containing Browse Themes, Settings, Share, Set Home and Logout Actions.

The Settings have basic settings, advanced settings and System settings which allows you to open the Phone settings. The App worked well with very slight lag onto it.

The major problem we found with the App is the compatibility issues. We were running at 240 dpi on our Nexus 4 and it did not work. The App was able to open but no themes were visible. We had to restore to stock Android Rom to use the App which was quite painful to us.

When you click on Share button it gives you option to share the complete theme with all your friends via Facebook, WhatsApp and others. It sends all the required files to your friend’s phone and apply the theme to his phone.

Here is a video tutorial which shows exactly how the Themer app works.


Currently the Themer App works only on a couple handful of devices. First of all it does not work on any Android phone under Jelly Bean.

There is a list of phones and some resolutions which the Themer app does not support. You can get that list right here.
Setting Theme

After starting the Themer App, you need to swipe left to right and open the Action Bar. Then you need to browse for the themes. Pick your favorite one, Just click on your selected theme and the theme would be downloaded and applied automatically for you.

When you apply your first theme it may ask you permission to create widgets. You need to allow the app to create and change widgets for you.

We must admit that Themer App is indeed a hard piece of work from the Mycolorscreen developers. Although it is an engaging App but there are many bugs currently present in the App. There are a lot of compatibility issues too. You may have to wait a long time until you see the invite code on your mail. Despite of all this we prefer using the App over and over again. The themes are just fantastic and you can’t just shift to simple UI after using this app. We are using this for a week now and it is our preferred launcher. We highly recommend you to sign up for beta version. We expect the Themer app to become stable in couple of months till then lots of improvements are being done on daily basis.


First initiative of such kinds
Easy to use User Interface
Excellent Themes
Some descent customizations
Themes are generally light
Completely Free


Still closed beta, takes a lot of time to get invite code
Compatibility issues for many devices
Does not work on changed DPI
Frequent crashes
No Tablet version