Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 Review: The Giant is here

Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3
Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3

Samsung is the largest Android manufacturer and has continued to show its presence in every sector. Samsung which started as an underdog now is the king of the Android Market. It has happened due to the complete and honest dedication of Samsung towards technology. Samsung has always tried to bring forward some innovation with every Smartphone or product it has made. Just 2 years ago the company tried something unorthodox and released the Samsung Galaxy Note, a phablet and now its one of the most successful franchises. Now Samsung wants to do the same with the new Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3. The name itself suggests the size of the phone.

Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 is available in the Indian market for quite sometime now and its still waiting to make an impact. The phone was announced back in April and was made available in July. It is very difficult to call it a phone actually, its near about to  the size of a tablet. The main selling point that Samsung has tried to lay emphasis is the price. The phone is itself very large but the specs inside it tells us a different story.

Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 is perfect for those who are looking for a tablet with calling feature just smaller than a 7″ size.

Design and Hardware

The Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 follows the trails of the Galaxy S4 and its smaller sibling Mega 5.8. The whole body is a plastic construction which gives the phone a cheap look. One thing that Samsung has managed to do pretty well is to engrave the whole 6.3″ display in a relatively small form factor. The phone is only 8 mm thick and weighs only 16g more than the Galaxy Note 2. Overall the dimensions of the device are as 167.6 x 88 x 8 mm which is applaudable.  The main problem we faced while using the device was the single handed operation. The Galaxy Note 2 which is itself a big device is hard to operate and this is even bigger. You will often find yourself using the second hand while using the device. Since Samsung has made the device extremely thin and relatively light it can be pocketed. You will feel little uncomfortable but its a matter of adjustment.

Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 may have a huge display, but the internals are of mid range. Firstly, it packs a huge 6.3″ SC-LCD display with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. The display is not at par with the company’s latest flagship but it is understandable. Since the size of the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 is huge so the pixel density comes off a quite low at 233 ppi.

It is powered by a Dual Core Snapdragon 400 Krait processor clocked at 1.7 GHz. If we look at the performance of the device it is a sheer disappointment. Even an year old Note 2 performs better than the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3. It is coupled with a fair amount of 1.5 GB of RAM.  The device comes in with a 8 or 16 GB of onboard storage and thankfully expandable slot saves the day.

Samsung has managed to implement LTE alongside the regular HSDPA, HSPA networks. Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 comes in a usual set of connectivity options of WLAN, Bluetooth connectivity. It also has a NFC receiver built inside the battery. It has a Micro USB port which enable USB on the go for the users. This feature comes quite handy as it works out of the box.

The Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 comes with a rear camera of 8 Mega Pixels coupled with a front camera of 1.9 Mega Pixels. The rear camera is capable of shooting pictures at various modes. The pictures produced are nice and clear with low noise amount. The colors come out to be slightly saturated than usual, but the camera serves the purpose.

The device also records video of 1080p resolution @30 fps. The video captured are detailed and they are just slightly less than perfect. Overall, the device has a very good camera.

Software and Features

The Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 comes with a relatively new version of Android 4.2.2 installed. The Android OS has the TouchWIZ interface running top of the overall system. The TouchWIZ interface provides a lot of customization options to the users. The UI is similar to what you can find in the Samsung Galaxy S4. Samsung has added customization options to each and every aspect of the interface. It may take even months to master all the features of your new device.

The device comes in with lot of features of the Galaxy S4 like Multi Window, Air View, Smart Stay, S-Voice, Google Now etc. All of them work pretty well. The interface easily indicates the Samsung’s strategy of updating their older devices.

Battery Life

Battery is the area where the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 shines a lot. It packs a huge 3200 mAh battery which has a capability of lasting 2 days with moderate usage. If the usage is high then also it can last easily a day and half. This is highly incredible word from Samsung end despite giving it a large 6.3″ display.


The good thing we find from the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 is that it lacks any competition in this sector. There are almost negligible smartphones having display of this size. The  device is actually uncomfortable to use but the giant display makes up for it. The device itself is not powerhouse in terms of performance, but the internet browsing is overwhelming. It gives pleasure to read web pages and articles in the device. So, its a good device specially for those who want descent performance and looking for the largest smartphone display.

What We Like

  • Large Battery Backup
  • Camera Performance

What We Don’t Like

  • Difficult to Call
  • Performance glitches
  • Uncomfortable to hold