Samsung Announces 13MP camera module with OIS: Claims to Be the Best


Samsung has announced a 13MP camera sensor complete with advanced optical image stabilization (OIS) technology, which it claims makes it the “world’s highest performance camera module”. The Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy S4 were said to feature optical image stabilization (OIS), but Samsung mentioned that it was unable to do so due to time constraints. It is working on new camera module that does feature OIS, and has showcased a prototype at the Kintex Exhibition Center in Seoul. The new module which is tipped to go into the mass production early next year. Samsung will debut in OIS technology that can correct angles up to 1.5 degree.

It will have an upper hand from the current leader HTC one’s 4MP ultra pixel allowing correctness up to 1 degree.

Some best new features to look for are:

  • Better video quality which will be 8 times better than today’s scenario
  • Low power consumption
  • Camera with low light performance for shots and videos
  • Improved auto focusing to better pixel rating

This camera module which measures 10.5 X 10.5 X 5.9 mm will feature for a new stand up to provide a better platform to this growing industry. While Samsung press release does not mentioned the detail by its name but it is likely that market will notice this new featured OIS technology device starting next year.

You might not need a Samsung Galaxy smartphone to get your hands on the advanced sensor, either. Samsung has said it is developing the module along with “leading smartphone maker,” hinting that it won’t debut on next year’s Galaxy S5 but Note4 where it will be expected will provide a modified feature and many updated properties.

Given that Apple uses Samsung’s camera technology, there’s a chance that the 13MP camera could well appear in the next generation iPhone, improving on the 8MP camera that’s in the iPhone 5S.

There are lot of competitors which have already released this size camera with OIS technology. The most promising candidate in this category is the LG G2. Given that it had indeed a very good camera there was some scope of improvement. There were also rumors of Nexus 5 having the all needed OIS camera.

The promises of Samsung are great but we are yet to see it in live action. We guess we have to wait until it unveils its new Galaxy lineup.