Plant Vs Zombies 2: It’s about Time

Plant Vs Zombies 2
Plant Vs Zombies 2

Plant Vs Zombies 2, this title remind the successful strategy base game which is full of fun, invasion, fighting plants and the most importantly zombies.

PopCap games has released the successor of the addictive, strategy based gaming title Plant vs Zombies. There are still no confirmation on the release date of the game in the play store but since it is available in the other stores, it is expected to be launched in the play store pretty soon.


In Plant vs Zombies 2, Plant Food and power-ups will take your game to new dimensions. Plant Food will supercharge your plants when you need it the most. Use your fingers to pinch, flick and zap zombies off your lawn.

Gather keys to unlock brain teasers and new plants. Collect coins to purchase potent power-ups. Earn stars to take you to new worlds. Survive long enough and you’ll be rewarded with piles of prizes and achievements. And that’s just the beginning! The future holds many mysteries and also, zombies. Lots and lots of zombies are there in the Plant vs Zombies 2.

Battle the fun-dead on land, on sea and…on the rails? Unlock ultra-challenging (and ultra-fun) endless levels – Pyramid of Doom, Pirate’s Booty and the Big Bad Butte.

What’s new in Plant vs Zombies 2

Plants-  Bloomerang, Coconut Cannon, Iceberg Lettuce, Spring Bean, Bonk Choy, Chili Bean, Sanpdragon and many more.

Zombies-  Mummy Zombie, Pirate Zombie, Coneheah Mummy, Conehead Pirate, Buckhead Mummy, Cowboy Zombie, Zombie bull and many more.

Location-  Ancient Egypt, Pirate Sea, Wild West and many more coming.

There can be more new features after the official launch of the game plant vs zombies 2 in play store.


Plants vs Zombies 2 is split down into 3 segments, each individual one needing certain stars attained in levels to release them. The Undead armed forces will be advancing from your right edge of the display screen to the left plus the creatures are generally split into various types. The concept would be to position the herbal products which will toss projectiles at a good distance in the 2nd range of defense plus the 1st range must be utilized for plants which are able to combat in melee just like a Back Choi which strikes the zombies.

Sometimes you find a resource known as plant foods, abandoned by glowing zombies which glow a lot more than the vampires in the twilight series. Usually when you use Plant Foods over a plant, it’ll enter into a kind of craze and you blast opponents using a wave of projectiles, which can be helpful especially when you will have to encounter the pirate boat captains and cannons which blast minions.

Once you’ve completed the game, you’re encouraged to revisit levels you’ve previously beaten with new and more difficult challenges in place, and even these constraints are entirely possible to beat by only using the power-ups that come naturally in the game. Effectively beating these harder levels allows you to open up new paths on the map and brand new levels. You can unlock these places without beating the harder versions of the levels by just buying it. However, the replay value is high, the constrained levels are fun, and the difficulty is tuned up very naturally, so it is entirely possible to access all the bonus content without spending everything.


Plant vs Zombies 2 is an exciting game. We were addicted to it for quite a while and seriously one of the best successors so far.


  • New plants, location increases the fun.
  • Really addictive, one of the best time pass.


  • Language of the game.
  • Official availability in the play store.
  • Sometimes on smaller screen devices the tiny icon doesn’t help.

Since the game is not released in the play store, it’s not safe to download and install it on your device but who cares when zombies are coming and attacking in your lawn and your plants are fighting for you. If you do not to miss the fun and can’t wait for it to release then grab the link.

Just download the apk file and start playing Plant vs Zombies 2.

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