We throw away millions of devices every single day since it gets worn out or gets old. Mostly, only one of its parts or component of the device is damaged or worn out and even though all other parts work perfectly fine, we dump it. This makes electronic waste increase exponentially every single day. In this category, phones are one of the major contributors to electronic wastes.

Phonebloks Explained

Basically adopted from the idea of building our own computers, Phonebloks is an idea of building our own custom smartphone with all the spare parts of our own choice starting from display, storage, speakers, various sensors, camera, battery and a lot more. The parts are connected to a base and screwed together. We can buy Bloks from several brands that support this idea or even develop our own Bloks that meet our requirements. We can opt for a bigger battery, better camera, better speaker, better storage or best of the displays available whichever is apt for us. If a part gets broken, we can just replace it with a new one without the need of getting a completely new phone. Or if you feel the need to upgrade your device, just buy a new spare part.

It is basically built on an open platform so various companies can strive and work together to get the best in smartphone.


To make this a reality, right companies are needed and they have to come forward to do this product. Right now, the visionary has not asked for any money but to just spread word about it as much as possible to create demand for it all over the world. People have to show that they need this product and help it become a reality. If you like this concept and think it should become a reality, all you need to do right now is, just support the idea by going to http://www.phonebloks.com/ and  click on “JOIN THE THUNDERCLAP”.

Supporters and Achievements right now:  First the goal was set for 500 supporters. That was achieved in no time and since then the goal has been upped to 10000 supporters and then 50000 supporters and right now, on the day of writing this article(19/9/2013 6pm IST), the number of supporters is at 696348 people and still growing. This campaign ends by Oct 29th, 2013, 10.00 AM EDT which is around 7.30 PM according to IST (Indian Standard Time).

Our View


  • This phone can become a reality easily. The problems that this product will face are:
  • Vendors supporting this product.
  • Software Compatibility issues.(The OS in which this kind of phone can run will be very heavy since it has to support various brands and their driver software for those parts).
  • Smoothness of the phone will be tested if the parts are not good enough.
  • Cost of each part. (Usually branded phones are manufactured in an assembly line and hence the cost of production is decreased tremendously which allows the companies to provide it to the customers at low cost)


Even though the initial investment for the customer will be really high,as time goes on, we can just exchange the parts of the phone and it will suffice our needs. In the long run, these kinds of phones will be highly profitable and wallet friendly.

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