Seventeen years ago, Nokia made a breakthrough in the world of communication technology with the launch of the Nokia 3310. The form is simple, but its features are complete enough that time. His physique also proved resilient despite dropped from the top of the building. Not to mention the battery lasting up to several days. Unlike the current mobile phone should be charged every day, yes.

Although not as smart phones today, the Nokia 3310 turns out sorely missed by many people. Often we see the memes that praise the greatness of this phone a million people and comparisons with today’s mobile phones are ‘weak’. Well. Apparently Nokia read the market demand that missed phone’s blue. Reportedly, they will introduce a new version of the Nokia 3310 Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona this week.

Nokia’s decision raises enthusiasm among former users of mobile phone weighing 133 grams. They imagined nostalgia with a cell phone in their youth. In addition to the memories, there are certainly other things that make this phone missed. Here are possible reasons why the Nokia 3310 is the best phone of all time. Here are some facts about Nokia 3310 that makes it an incredible phone.

  1. The battery can last up to 260 hours

Not 26 hours, but 260 hours! Which mobile pbone can last up for it though only in a state of stand-by? Only the Nokia 3310 that can be. In standby mode, it can last more than 10 days. If the unused state, he does not need to be in-charge up to 50 hours.

  1. Indestructible

This phrase might sound hyperbolic, but in fact very difficult to destroy the Nokia 3310. Even after a slam from a height, he can still survive. The material used to manufacture the mobile phone is a different class that is used to produce mobile phones today.

  1. Screen Protector is unnecessary

If today we are busy with choosing a screen protector, the owner of Nokia 3310 is never waste their time to do that. Nokia 3310 does not need any protection because the screen is not easily scratched or even crack.

Several Unique Facts about Nokia

After a long time the issue is only just audible, Microsoft finally officially announced that the Nokia brand that has been acquired had to go down and move their business lines from mobile phone. Starting from a timber and paper processing companies in 1865 in Finland, Nokia finally grow rapidly and become large when explore the world of mobile.

Even for several years, the Nokia brand mobile fluttering solid in the universe, although eventually have to come down after the era of smart mobile came and they had acquired by Microsoft. But you know, that there are some interesting facts about Nokia that may be worth to be known. Here’s the list.

  1. Nokia name taken from the name of the river that is Nokianvirta.
  2. Before producing mobile devices, Nokia has never produced for snow tires, rubber boots, gas masks, a TV set up with hydroelectric.
  3. The original ringtone Nokia called Nokia Tune is the result of a guitar from someone named Francisco Tarrega from Spain in the 19th century with the original name Grande Valse.
  4. Users of mobile devices in addition to Nokia always called by the name Nokia Aikon.
  5. Conversation using GSM network was first performed by HarriHolkeri, Prime Minister of Finland, in Helsinki using the network and telecom devices from Nokia.
  6. The Nokia 6600 has a code name Panda, 6630 and 6680 is Faris is Shaitan.
  7. The Nokia 3310 is Nokia’s first mobile device from which already does not use an antenna.
  8. When aligned, the number of Nokia 3310 and 3330 were sold equivalent to the distance between Helsinki, Finland to Santiago, Chile, or about 13,500 kilometers.
  9. Particularly in Asia, Nokia had to take off the number 4 on the keypad for number 4 is the symbol of misfortune which is believed by some countries.
  10. The first smartphone made by Nokia launched in 1996, namely the Nokia 9000 Communicator.
  11. Nokia’s first mobile device weighs about 10 kilograms.