Nexus 5 More and More Rumors: Creating Utter Confusion

Nexus 5
Nexus 5

It was just few days ago when we posted all the new Nexus 5 leaks that we found around the internet. It was just a matter of fact of just couple of days to get the market flooded with even more leaks.

1) A close-up shot of Nexus 5 has surfaced now. Courtesy to a member of MacRumors named weespeed.  Now the photo posted by the member is by far the closest of all and its pretty convincing.

The member has also posted a comment on it: “Got to handle the Nexus 5. It is smaller than the LG G2. Didn’t actually measure it, but holding it in the hand it is smaller. It does feel good holding it. The black back cover feels like my Nexus 7. The screen was ok, didn’t wow me like the Note 3. The bezel is very small”

2) The release date is now rumored to be on Oct 14th. But there is no evidence to confirm that claim just yet.

3) Another leak of the log files shows that, nexus 5 is indeed manufactured by LGE and the screen resolution is 1920×1080. This points out that, we will see a display having 443 pixels per inch. Nexus 5 is also said to be supporting Qi Wireless Charging.

4) According to PhoneArena, Nexus 5 might be the first phone to use the MEMS camera. It is said to be the fastest camera on a phone till date.

Basically, MEMS camera is 7 times faster than a normal camera. The time it takes to Auto-Focus is extremely less. The mechanism behind this camera is, the camera takes multiple shots instantaneously with different focus points and while we tap to focus on a particular part of the screen, it gets instantly focused. So we can call this mechanism as Post Capture Refocus. Its pretty brilliant and this might rewrite the smartphone camera market instantly.

If this is incorporated on the Nexus 5, this would be a milestone and would break the curse on the poorly constructed camera on the Nexus devices till date.

For a better understanding, look into this video. It’s amazing:

5) Going through the entire leaked log file, Italian Website Android World  provides us with a plenty of interesting information on features and System Apps Updates in KitKat 4.4.
Main Updates for Nexus 5
USB OTG Feature

One of the interesting features that caught the eye is USB OTG. The Nexus 5 is said to have some specific functions using to USB OTG. This might include moving media such as Pictures and Videos from internal to External Device. And from the log file, we can see that, USB audio accessories are being supported using USB OTG feature. This might help in bringing a lot of Nexus 5 friendly docks and other audio accessories.

App Ops

Looks like the App Ops feature is now ready to debut on KitKat 4.4. Basically App Ops help us to manage the permissions an app obtains while installing it in our phone. For some reason (rumors say that it was an unfinished product of some sort), direct access to App Ops was not provided in Jelly Bean 4.3. However, using third party apps, we were able to access it.

Looks like Google is going to release most of the system apps as standalone apps.
Other Updates

The Gallery and Camera apps that are now updated as a single system app might get split into two separate apps. points out to a new app. This points out to GoogleHome.apk and it looks like a launcher app. It does not have any special permits unlike other system apps.

Google Sound Search: 1.1.8 –  1.1.11
Email: 4.1 – 6.0 -> This looks like a huge update.
Clock: 2.0.3 – 3.0.0 -> This looks like a huge update.
Currents: 2.1.1 – 2.1.2
Cloud Print: 0.6.1b – 0.8.3
Google Authenticator: 2.49 – 3.55 -> Might be a huge update
Play Books: 2.9.21 (depending on device) – 3.0.1
Gallery: 1.1.40012 – 1.1.40030
Hangouts: 1.2.018 – 1.3.012
QuickOffice: 6.1.180 – 6.2.255
Play Store: 4.3.11 – 4.4.2
Gmail: 4.6 – 4.6.1

As we near the October-November mark, the leaks have been tremendous and really interesting.

If you are Indian and interested in Nexus device then we seriously think that you would be disappointed. It is very likely of Google to launch it in India pretty soon. So in the mean time we suggest you to take up the Nexus 4 at  an excellent price from Flipkart. (Ask us for any special offers).

We will keep you updated about this upcoming device. Stay tuned, be amazed and continue reading our blog.

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