Moto X Successor Moto DVX On The Way: The Cheap Moto

Moto X
Moto X

Even after owning the Motorola Mobility, Google failed to produce a good output. Everyone was expecting that now we will see next set of Nexus devices completely built by Google. Google failed to deliver us the same. Motorola launched the device Moto X , it left a lot of us who were expecting a Nexus 4 like device pricing ended disappointed. Instead of a $349 contract-free price, we were all treated to a $650 price tag for the dual core device. Now they are planning to release the Moto DVX.

Motorola Mobility CEO Dennis Woodside, who first told CNET about the existence of an affordable variant of Moto X that was meant for emerging and prepaid markets but since that revelation the company has been mute on the topic but now that Moto X is almost rolled out in all targeted markets.

Rumors says that Motorola is launching a cheaper device, relative of Motorola’s customizable Moto X handset. The phone is said to be called the Moto DVX, according to a PhoneArena report from earlier this week.

Not much is known about the phone’s specs other than a reported lack of LTE support, but judging from a series of photos posted to Weibo. The Moto X’s affordable variant Moto DVX is still largely a mystery but thanks to the latest leak, we now know that Moto DVX will at least have four options for colored interchangeable back-plates. Changeable back-plates are nothing new for the phone market but given the customization options available in Moto X. There are not much customization option available as compared to the Moto X but still Motorola wants to offer some level of choice for cheaper variant owners.

Price And Availability

A leaked photograph of some sort of briefing at Republic Wireless, reveals that the low-priced hybrid carrier will be offering the Moto DVX,and the release date of the phone  is expected to be October. Since Moto X was a failure mainly because of it’s heavy price tag, it can be expected that DVX will have a price tag of about $200 – $300. This is set to compete in the mid-range market, and support the company in the smartphone market. Hope this time Motorola understand the market and not ruin the expectations.

Motorola really needs to put some good specifications inside it and try to put a good price point. There are already some phones like Galaxy Mega 6.3 or the cheaper products like Galaxy Trend. These provide descent specs at a good price. If they could put the price of 200$-300$and provide better specs to the Moto DVX then this should definitely fly off.

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