LG Planning To Release a Display With Resolution Of a Blu-Ray video

LG Planning To Release a Display With Resolution Of a Blu-Ray video
LG Planning To Release a Display With Resolution Of a Blu-Ray video

With the stiff competition in the mobile market , the companies are urging to making the best possible Smart phones possible by having the user friendly displays featuring better resolutions what’s needed for the eye to discern and does definitely bring sumptuous sharpness.

LG have made an eye catching breakthrough  in the pioneered high  resolution mobile market by making the  world’s first Blue Ray Quality Displays for Smartphones of 5.5 inch panel by boasting a Four times higher Resolution than all the current Smartphone displays.


1)  Quad HD AH-IPS LCD Display ( IPS- In Plane Switching)

2) Pixel Density of 538  ppi.

3) 2560 X 1440 Resolution.

It is much more grandeur than the best HD displays of  phone’s  presently available in the market like Samsung Galaxy S4 ( 1980 X 1080 resolution, 441 ppi ) and (1980 X 1080 pixel , 469 ppi ).

Ethical Value

This new QUAD Technology Display will offer users some unparalleled visuals.

1)   With More improved contrast and meticulous techniques of colors being used, LG makes the   pictures more crisp and lively.

2)   Users will be able to enjoy the Blue Ray Quality Movies.

3)   Users will be able to view the most sharper and undistorted text on enlarging the screen.

4)   Users will be able to surf the PC versions of websites at a single glance without any hindrance of images compared to the current Full HD Displays which only realize 3/4th of a full screen.


LG has managed to give it a depth of 1.21 mm compared to already svelte 7.9mm Samsung I9500 Galaxy S4. It would make our Smartphones have higher degree of refinement and light weight and give assurance of having wide social acknowledgement.

The pixel density, resolution and slim-bodied   QUAD display seems alright as per the present intensity of demand for high resolution.

But the factors which play vital role in its market value will be, Its compatibility with the battery life for Smartphones.

Because of all those high density pixels, it will use a small quantity of Power, from both the battery and the high processing GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) meaning, having a less battery life than any similar device with a lower resolution.

But the users who really want a better experiencing view can go for little less potential battery life and enjoy the meticulous details.

There can be a lot of skepticism about its interface, use and features, until the new display panel is converted into product.

But the present ethical value says, it will feature users the great and unparalleled visual experience of the crisp and lively images and make a huge impact on the mobile market.

LG has yet to announce the release date of the display. We are hoping it to see it in very near future.