LG G2 Full Review: Beast in the House

LG G2 review
LG G2 review

LG is a great company, but it is lacking far behind from many competitors when it comes to the Smartphones. LG has proved itself as a deserving all round manufacturer for every electronic item. The company has yet to see the success in the field of smartphone. The sales record were not so good be it the Optimus G, Optimus G Pro or other. The savior was non other than the Nexus 4 which ofcourse  had huge sale due to Google backing. Now the company wants to bounce back high with its brand new LG G2. Lets see what LG has managed to come up with the new LG G2.

LG G2 comes with a relatively big 5.2″ display with a very exciting form factor. It packs the latest Snapdragon 800 quad core processor for an excellent performance. Moreover the biggest difference that the LG G2 has from its competitors is the placement of volume rockers and the power button. LG has tried something unorthodox and placed the buttons at the back, its a very daring move by the company.

Design of LG G2

The main selling factor that LG is trying to put is the next generation design of the smartphone. We would have seriously liked the premium design that LG had implemented in the predecessor Optimus G. LG has used plastic on the overall construction of the phone. The plastic definitely feels cheap, but it does the job for you.

The form factors the  point where we need to give LG a lot of credit. LG has managed to embed a 5.2″ display in a form factor only slightly more than the king Samsung Galaxy S4.

LG has ditched the hardware buttons in favor of the Nexus style on screen buttons which helped them to save lot of space.

The overall thickness of the LG G2 is also quite good at 8.9 mm due to the eliminations of the side buttons.

We felt like a good challenge when using the volume rockers and the power buttons of the LG G2. We think its just a matter of time that until the hands get used to it.

Hardware and Display 

Now lets talk about the top notch hardware that comes in with the LG G2. First, it comes with the hard core performance based chipset, the Quallcomm Snapdragon 800. It has a Krait 400 processor clocked at 2.26 GHz for extra fine performance. It has Adreno 330 GPU which enable high performance in graphics. It is also coupled with a more than enough 2GB of RAM for proper functionality.  The overall configuration promises to give a very smooth performance.

It has a 13 Megapixel camera at the back which is told to capture images of very accurate quality. The camera is also capable of recording Full HD videos @60 FPS which is amazing.

It comes with a choice of 2 memory variants namely 16 GB and 32 GB. Unfortunately, there is lack of expandable storage on the handset. It also comes with the regular connectivity features like WLAN, Bluetooth all being the up to date versions. It also has LTE connectivity which comes in handy for people covered with 4G in their area. It also has a infrared sensor which acts as remote control for television and other devices.

It has a 5.2″ True-HD IPS+ LCD display which produces very accurate colors. The LCD is superior to the AMOLED display in terms of color saturation and the outdoor visibility. the LG G2 manages to provide the most accurate colors as possible for a smartphone. Though it does not match the contrast ratio and accurate blacks of an AMOLED display.


LG G2 comes with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean installed out of the box with Optimus UI on top. We would have been happy to see it with the latest version of 4.3 installed but we hope to get it very soon. On top of the hardware LG has also managed to add some great software tweaks which works great. Some of the features includes LG Knock On, Guest Mode, Answer Me, Text Links, Slide Aside, Capture plus etc.

We sort of liked the interface of the LG G2, it has bright colors great appearence. There are loads of optimization which is possible with the Optimus UI. The User Interface clearly deviates towards the Samsung’s Touch WIZ. The interface provides a strong competition to the other available user interfaces.

Camera and Multimedia

LG has managed to put in G2 a very capable camera capable of capturing at 13 Mega Pixels with dedicated Optical Image Stabilization.

There are many shooting modes that comes built in with the phone. The best part that LG has managed is to put a Sapphire glass with Oleophobic coating on the camera for high resistance to scratches.

The other area where LG has a top hand is the video recording at 60 FPS. While, the current competitors allow only @30 FPS recording, the 60 FPS sure comes handy. The video produced by the G2 will definitely be better than the competition.

On the multimedia side, LG G2 is simply a powerhouse. It can play any video and audio file you throw into it without a glitch. The stereo speakers offer a mind blowing sound quality so the movie watching experience is very good.

The music player interface is simple and clean and it organizes the media very well.

Battery Life and Conclusion

LG G2 comes with a huge 3000 mAh battery which does a very good job. The LG quoted time is not yet revealed. We expect a day long battery juice even after heavy usage. It could extend up to 2 days with moderate usage.

Overall, a solid product from LG. The LG G2 provides us a refined Android experience. A powerful processor with a powerful camera is already attracting a lot of customers. LG has thought something out of the box by putting the buttons at the back and we need to praise them for this move.

We think that it is a very capable product and is easily on par  with the Samsung Galaxy S4.

On the whole if not best, it not less than the best Android Smartphone in the market.