LG Announces New Curved Battery: Showcasing Awesomeness

LG Planning To Release a Display With Resolution Of a Blu-Ray video
LG Planning To Release a Display With Resolution Of a Blu-Ray video

LG’s battery and chemical division, LG Chem, has announced three new battery types, all of which have the potential to power next generation smartphones and wearable technology products. The new batteries are Curved Battery, Stepped Battery and Cable Battery. They are designed to not only make it easier to fit larger batteries into our smartphones, but also to power hardware produced in unusual shapes.

LG chem has started mass production of curved battery this month. The new featured battery will power next gen LG smartphones and can also be used for many other tech devices like smart glasses and smart watches.

This could be an answer to the the solution of battery in making flexible devices. We already saw LG’s allegedly leaked Flexible Smartphone.

LG filed a patent for its curved battery back in August 2012 and it was subsequently published in May of this year. The patent describes a layered battery that is enclosed in a flexible pouch. The battery can be formed into a curve shape at point of manufacture by applying pressure to it using curved plates at a temperature of 85 degrees Celsius. It seems likely the new battery will be used in LG’s upcoming G Flex curved phone expected to launch next month. So we’ll be getting a smartphone with two new pieces of tech to try out.

While it is not clear that weather the new curved battery will be as curved as visible in the image but they are quite sure about the cable battery which is more versatile and can also be good start for providing any shape battery. LG Chem said it has completed the development of cable batteries optimized for wearable IT devices. Some interesting add on to this new cable batteries are

  • Low power and less heat production despite extended use
  • Waterproof functionality
  • Can be reshape and still provide power

Along with the completion of the cable battery development, LG Chem has started mass producing two new types of batteries, such as the stepped battery and the curved battery. LG Chem said it started churning out the stepped battery, which has improved storage capacity compared to other batteries, from July at its plant in Nanjing, China. The company also launched the commercial production of the curved battery, which is optimized for curved IT devices, including smart eyeglasses. LG Chem will mount the curved battery on its next-generation smartphones.

LG is planning to provide a demonstration of these devices in a private zone on October 16. With these type of battery they are providing a broader view to the upcoming curved smartphone.

We hope that LG could fit excellent hardware like the LG G2 in their new series having flexible displays. We are looking forward to it.

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