Not all people have heard about a technology called 3D scanning. As the name suggests, it is a scanning process of an object and a construction of digital 3-dimensional models from it. What people need is indeed a 3D scanner and IT support so they are able to collect data, which is as similar as its real object (in terms of shape and dimension). Consider has an IT services, it is necessary for your company. No wonder, a sophisticated device like HP Sprout Pro G2 PC is able to satisfy such necessity. In fact, it is the new version, as there was the previous device released in 2014. Then there are also 3D metrology services which are incredibly accurate and useful for 3D measurement so check those out if you need such a service.

Features and Appearance

So, what makes it better than the previous version? The new one indeed has a better physical quality, which is more elegant and sleeker! Just because it is beautiful, doesn’t mean it is powerless. On the other hand, the hardware has undergone several updates and improvements. In fact, it also comes with new software. With all of those upgrades, the device provides a better workflow and appearance, for sure. Also, it has been already in the market since March 2017. Even the price is considered affordable (further review regarding the price is compulsory).

The major hardware improvement is related to its touch display, featuring the size of 21.3 inches with diagonal projected shape. Not to mention it features full High Definition resolution with its capacitive Touch Mat. Provided with such features, the scan results would be more satisfying for sure. Next, it also has a more accurate pen and simplicity. Even the device becomes the winner in those features. Thanks to the Active Pen. It offers 2048 pressure levels and palm rejection functionality.

What’s next? It is the latest variant of Sprout Illuminator. To be exact, it offers 14 megapixels front camera and a high-resolution FHD projector. As the result, it offers satisfying utility, acting as both a 3-dimensional scanner and a display projector. In a nutshell, the second generation of HP Sprout Pro offers better appearances and functionality. The next question is indeed the software. Is it that great?

Workflow and Software

The most common feature is definitely the advanced physical button namely WorkTools. These include control apps, show, stage, etc. The location of those buttons is the bottom part of the display. That means users are able to use them easily. They don’t even need to take over the whole home screen! Moreover, it comes with a reliable PC, equipped with GTX graphic processor and i7 processor. That means it produces a better graphic than the previous version that uses GeForce 945A.


  • It comes with a built-in projector, which is useful for 3-dimensional scanning and documents handling.
  • There is an integrated touch mat
  • More tools and software
  • Nice components and features


  • Apps and home screen skin are considered quirkier than before
  • There is no height or angle adjustment
  • The touch mat is considered too big
  • Impractical scanning


Despite those downsides, HP Sprout Pro G2 is definitely better than the previous version. It comes with more features and tools, so users can have many options of functionalities. Even the software and system are satisfying!