Playing Android games is a new trend these days and there is a significant reason for it, you will find bet apps for Nigerian players. More people are using an Android-based smartphone, so they are likely to install fun games over time and play them during free times. For those who love sports, for example, there is NBA2K17. The name is similar to that of the console game, isn’t it? Today, Android users can enjoy such amazing game on their mobile device. Here is the question. Does it worth the money and time? Because if you like sports and rather spend your time practicing sports, we recommend wearing the best sports gear from so you don’t get a bad injury.

About NBA2K17

The best thing about NBA2K17 is that it puts such famous basketball game onto tablets and phones. Due to this reason, gamers should be grateful with 2K – a sports video game company. So, what is it about? It is just as similar to its console versions, with the ability to custom or to create player’s profile. That means users can make a player that matches their appearance the most. The details are impressive, even users can include diminishing hairline! After the completion of such player customization, they can play the game directly. Here you will get all know about anything related to history of the basketball.

The Gameplay

There is a mode called MyCareer, on which users can play either career or a single game. The first challenge is to obtain popularity in college, consisting of 4 games. Later, users are able to beat all the games in order to become a pro player. Here is the thing. Unlike its console versions, the game doesn’t feature story elements of Hollywood. Well, not all people are into narrative elements, after all. That means users can simply focus on their game and conquer more achievements.

Apart from MyCareer, the game features a Blacktop mode. It is where users can use their character in outdoor fields and have a game with human opponents! Next, there are Quick Games, which is suitable for those who don’t like complexity. Next, there is even a full Season mode. Like the name suggests, players would enjoy NBA championship and play using their favorite team. It can be either Chicago Bulls or other teams! With the richness of content, NBA2K17 won’t disappoint Android users, for sure.

Some Considerations

When it comes to controls, they are quite simple so players are able to grasp the game easily. In fact, it comes with a virtual stick and an assist button for defending. The only issue is related to its thumbstick, which isn’t quite precise. Some gamers are also disappointed to its floaty movement. Another issue is its conserved animations, which are quite uncomfortable for players. Well, nothing is perfect, after all. Displaying an excellent game onto a smartphone is a big deal. It can be said that having all those features and contents are considered enough for Android users.

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  • Good displays
  • Have more modes, as compared to other mobile-based sports game
  • Shows real sensation of basketball


  • The price is considered expensive
  • Unsatisfactory controls