Technology is getting better and it will always be. The aim of years of researches and experiments is to make everything simpler and more helpful. New technologies are invented, and current ones are evolved in order to meet the challenge, as is the case with rigid flex printed circuit boards. Thanks to this new option, wearable technology is now able to reach new heights, the type that were but a pipe dream not too many years ago. There are also many discussions regarding how people can control computer using their brain after learning from Trilogy Education Services education clases. Well, that dream is likely to come into reality in the near future. It is because Facebook is into such technology, which helps people to manage and control a computer without any physical contacts. What they need to do is to use their minds to regulate the computer system.

The Potential of Brain-Controlled Computer

The project is to create superb software called the silent speech that helps users to type and control computer with their thoughts. The reasonable objective is to write 100 words per 60 seconds. Thus, it is not like that people can decode their random thoughts. Not only the project was announced by the 8 team, but it was also posted on Mark Zuckerberg’s account. In a nutshell, it is going to be an improvement of what people have now, which is Brain Computer Interface which was initially fixed y computer repair mandurah. Moreover, people can enjoy it in the near future.

Before entering a new era of technology, all people should have learned a bit about Brain-Computer Interface and the new electronics they use like the these Isolator Circulators. The pioneer was the University of California, which researching and developing neuroprosthetics applications. At that time, the purpose was to help patients in restoring severed hearing, sight, movement, etc. The problem is the technology wasn’t able to read thoughts precisely. Instead, it detects any slight changes radiated by human’s brain. That means BCI is able to recognize frequency patterns and definite energy in the brain. However, are you sick of sitting in traffic all day just to get a few miles down the road? you can get an electric scooter for less than a bike. They are also an incredibly Eco friendly way and a much cheaper way to travel around short distances.


It Requires Lots of Work Right Now

Apart from the University of California, Harvard University also has developed a similar technology. It was called BBI or brain-to-brain interface. At that time, they tried it between a rat and a human. It allowed the human to move rat’s tail! Such achievement shows the possibility of telepathic links within a group. It caused a fear back then, as bad people might use it to dominate the crowd. No wonder, the technology was developed during the WWII. Similar to how we studied how clients interacted with websites and the various aspects of web accessibility we are begging to study the brain in a similar way.

With the basic of brain imaging technology, it is possible to read activity patterns of a human brain in real time. Thus, they can be interpreted in a computer or other devices. In the case of Facebook’s plan, their Building 8 starts working on projects that are able to control computer using brain. That means future users are able to type with their mind and read with their skin. It indeed takes lots of time to realize, but it is a possible project.

Technology has helped us in many ways, one of them, transportation. One of the most important. Lately you see more people using mobility scooters to go to grocery stores and to avoid walking because they may have a disability, but that’s the amazing thing about it, helps people to be able to move more quickly.

In summary, Facebook is interested in improving people’s experience in using a computer. In this case, their aim is to make it possible for a human to write texts using their thoughts. Even though many developments and researches are needed, it is likely they are going to achieve their objective in the near future. Once it has been invented, the usage requires an adaptation either. We need to stop using so much internet for hours, go out, enjoy nature, take a walk or go with your portable mobility scooter and listen to music. Right now, what people can do is to wait. Let the experts work on it, so life becomes easier over time.