It is true Apple remains a giant when it comes to computer and gadgets. It even has released its 27-inch 5K monitor in 2016. Despite the fact, other companies like LG are likely into the same technology and now they have introduced their LG Ultrafine 5K monitor. It causes several questions among buyers, though. Does it have good compatibility? That is the most crucial aspect when it is about the new monitor. In accordance with the news, LG launched such product alongside with MacBook Pro. It is true that both of the items can work well together.


 Not only LG Ultrafine 5K monitor works well with 2016 MacBook Pro, but it also suits older versions. There are some requirements, though. With old versions of MacBook Pro, users can only reach 4K instead of the full 5K display. Not to mention they can only enjoy sRGB color space instead of DCI-P3. When it comes to the connection, users may need Thunderbolt 3 adapter and a cable for it. If users wish to connect a wireless security camera or an affordable trail camera then they would need a Bluetooth adapter. But if the game or trail camera supports USB-C, it can connect directly to the monitor. Above all, they need to use different plugs in order to get the power.


Here is an important aspect when buying LG Ultrafine 5K monitor. Does the design suit buyers’ preferences? Well, many people the product is the new level of Apple’s 5K display. Despite its similar technology to Apple, the design definitely represents the South Korean’s company, which is pure LG. The thing is the design is a bit boxy and plain, so it is a bit disappointing. The fact is the company is able to put more efforts to its design like their other products. Why don’t they?


Being a beautiful product doesn’t guarantee its perfection. LG Ultrafine 5K monitor also shows a flaw, especially when it is put too close to a router. Why is that? It causes several problems, including crashing systems, corrupted images, etc. Hearing such issues, the company has done several improvements and fixed the problems. It is only a temporary issue, after all.

Coming with a great support, LG Ultrafine 5K monitor is ready for everyone. The only issue that people may face now is related to the price of the product. Most of the markets sell it for $1,299.95, which is considered expensive for the majority of people. Still, the price is worth the value as the monitor satisfies all users, especially when it is used for watching movies. Simply said, such cinema-like display is worth everyone’s money.


So, let’s talk about its display quality. Many sources state that LG Ultrafine 5K monitor applies a similar panel to iMac, including its Retina 5K display. Still, it doesn’t appear as glossy as that of Apple. In other words, it emits matte displays, which are satisfying for some users. As the verdict, the product is indeed gorgeous and has high density. The panel is wide and it comes in a practical case. When it comes to power, the product can work the best at 60 Hz.



  • Mesmerizing screen
  • Modest design


  • Can work only with USB-C
  • No ports are provided