Some Useful Hidden Features of Android That You Might be Unaware of


Android OS is built with hidden features for users to discover it on their own. Google has cleverly designed the OS by hiding items that users can find on their own and feel the pleasure of discovering and thereby using it. The primary purpose is to make users feel awesome and intelligent while interacting with their phone. We have found out some hidden features of Android which might actually be pretty useful to you.

Hiding does not mean the features are invisible. But if you interact with your phone enough, you will eventually find those features.

Here are some  Hidden features of Android which stock version has under the hood.

Notification Bar (Jelly Bean 4.2+)

In previous versions of android, to slide up the notification bar, you have to swipe up from the bottom of the screen. From Android Jelly Bean 4.2 you can just slide up the notification bar just by swiping up over the blank space in notification bar. This is one of the very simple but important hidden features of Android.

The notification bar slides up also by single clicking anywhere over the blank space in the first half of notification area. So obviously, this feature can be accessed when there are three notifications at max while the notifications are not in expanded view.

While in expanded view, this feature can be used when one has one or two notifications that occupy less than first half of the notification area depending on size of the expanded notifications.

Quick Settings (Jelly Bean 4.2+)

Jumping straight to quick setting is also one of the hidden features of Android.

Usually, we get into quick settings by doing a two finger swipe or swipe down the notification bar and then click on the Quick Settings icon on top right corner.

We can also get into the quick settings by swiping down the notification bar as usual, and holding one finger over the Blue line at end of the notification bar, and tapping it again with another finger.

Setting Default Equalizer (Jelly Bean 4.2+)

Not happy with the equalizer that came along with your phone? No problem. You can download third party equalizers flooding the Play Store and even make them default. You must have thought that you need to stay with the way it actually is but that’s wrong. This is also one of  the hidden features of Android

To make a third party equalizer default, go to Settings select Sound and select Music Effects. The default equalizer provided by Google is MusicFX and you can change it from the Pop-Up menu.

This option becomes visible only when you have a third party equalizer installed in your android phone.

Android Device Manager: (Froyo 2.2+)

This is one of the most awaited and highly useful utilities for your android device. Google introduced it in August 2013. This feature is available for devices running Froyo 2.2 and above. This was made possible because, it got released as a Play Services update instead of a system update and thus supporting most of the android phones out there.

This feature helps you track down your android devices. You can ring the device in full volume even when it is placed in silent mode. Hence, a misplaced device can be found easily. You can also track down the device location. Hence, if the device is lost, it can be easily tracked down and in the worst case scenario, if you cannot get back your device, you can easily erase the entire device hence preventing misuse of your personal data.

This feature is not activated by default.

To activate:

  • Go to “Google Settings” app, select “Android Device Manager”, check “Allow remote factory reset”


  • Go to system Settings, select “Security” for android 4.0+ (or) “Select Location and Security” for android 2.2 and 2.3 and select “Device administrators”.

You can go to in your browser to monitor your android device by using Android Device Manager.

So these were the hidden features of Android which caught our eye. Share more hidden tricks with us and of course keep following us.