Google SDK Assistant
Google SDK Assistant

It is good knows that a developed technology like Google Assistant would have significant improvements in the near future. Back then, such kind of technology is only able to work Home smart and Pixel smartphones. It is only the matter of time. It can be used or available on more devices, soon. The fact is Google has provided a preview to developers regarding such technology. That means those experts are able to include that artificial technology to any possible devices. They can even equip such technology to a smart mirror, a robot, and voice-enabled appliances.


Some News from Ramsdale

According to Google’s representative, Chris Ramsdale – a corporation blog post’s product manager, the company tries to take a big step forward regarding assistant SDK. Their hope is all developers or customers are able to build their own devices that connect with it. The purpose is to interact with such AI from various types of equipment. In addition, they offer a service that allows developers to produce a commercial using SDK. Google’s representative is available on either their site or social media. That means they are quite reachable, regardless of the needs of the developers.

The next significant information is that Google allows inventors to use assistant SDK on Android smartphone! The thing is they must undergo the same procedure as smartphone producers. What about different devices? What commercial terms apply on them? Well, Chris said the information is about to be released. The fact is developers have no need to pay anything for the license in using Google Assistant. For now, it is quite beneficial to users.

Even the previous technology, which is called Home Smart, is stunning enough. It is able to recognize up to 6 different voices of people. Still, the residents should talk one at the time because the technology is not able to react to mixed voices. In order to fasten its development and research, the company gives an opportunity to developers to get involved in the creation of multi-platform SDK assistant. The experts are allowed to make their customized voice commands that stimulate and control nearby devices.


Developing Better Compatibility

The recent technology is considered satisfying, but it opens for any developments. Google Assistant has been available in numerous Android-based devices like watches and phones, in fact. However, their main purpose is to be able to include the technology to other devices, even a toy robot! This is a big project, so they are likely to use the third parties to achieve such objective in a more efficient manner. This is the reason why they have provided a preview of Google Assistant SDK to developers, electronic manufacturers, and others.

Just because they provide such preview, that doesn’t mean they allow developers to launch the products. There is a strict policy regarding the sales. In this case, the third parties need to talk to Google about the commercial products’ fees. It is possible there are several terms they must agree to. What they should do now is to focus on their project, so they are able to develop the compatibility of the current AI to more devices.