Flexible Display to Rule The Market in Few Months

Flexible Display
Flexible Display

Living in a life where our media gives a look of our future we imagine having digital world where everything is possible technically. LG and Samsung give a concept of smartphones with Flexible Display. But now it is confirmed that one can easily sight the future tech flexible displays by Samsung or LG in this month very soon. It seems as if the next major technical innovation in smartphones – or one of them, at least – is flexible displays that will add strength and portability to these brittle bricks we carry around.
LG Z to be world’s first smartphone with flexible display

LG has revealed that it’s almost ready to launch there world’s first flexible smartphone, The LG Z. LG has revealed to a Korean site that it has already entered mass-production with a curved smartphone featuring a OLED flexible display. The LG Z will be a high-end Android handset and there are claims that it will launch in its homeland later this month. The phone will have a related property similar to recently launched LG G2, including the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. The only milestone left for this incredible innovation is its battery which is never designed for a flexible smartphone but according to LG, one will notice this future step this month.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

At a lunch event in Seoul for the Samsung Galaxy gear, Samsung announces the plan of releasing a phone with curved screen. Samsung’s push into organic light-emitting-diode display technology has been closely related to its ambition of producing mobile phones with a more dynamic form factor. OLED screens, in comparison to conventional liquid-crystal displays, are known to be simpler in structure. They don’t require a backlight, giving them a competitive edge when it comes to making bendable, rollable, or curved screens. After providing so called unbreakable screen by Samsung this is going to be a huge step to the future of flexible display. Although Samsung denies to provide any data or information related to it and their declination to the structure information points out some hurdles.

Now before anyone gets too much excited about the flexibility one should keep this in mind that only the screen is flexible but all other components such as circuit board, battery and other internal materials are still tangible and rigid. For their flexibility and thin body there are many proposed design but none of them are clear yet. So its totally not possible to imagine the design and the limit of flexibility concept that will be implemented.

Before circuit boards were invented, electronic components were much bulkier.

These may be rumors again. There were many rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to be curved. But, all the rumors went in vain. There were rumors of LG making displays with resolution of Blu Ray which we are yet to see. It would be interesting to see the two company’s strategy for manufacturing those flexible displays.

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