BlackBerry Z10 Price Reduction Near to Buyout

BlackBerry Z10 Price Reduction
BlackBerry Z10 Price Reduction

With a start of a week tech pioneer blackberry announced to take private bid from their largest shareholder, Fairfax Financial Holding. After reporting a billion dollar loss in just a single quarter on last week Friday, this buyout report has stunned everyone about the once giant leader’s future. Even after facing big problems, company always tried to maintain their position in the market. The launch of BBM in rival platforms was a good move but the charm of BBM with 60m users has faded in the shadow of WhatsApp 200m users, and moreover its availability in different platforms has provided uplift for the application.

Although somewhere it seems bit doubtful that whether there will be an actual bid or not but the company’s biggest shareholder has announced in a press release that there will be a buyout near 2nd week of November. Even though the deal is non-binding at this point, BlackBerry will still have to pay Fairfax a fee of $0.30 per share if the company backs out.

Blackberry not only declined in employee or in financial state rather their steep declination is visible in their past year’s revenue and the value they lost as the smartphone company grows. Many market analysts said going private and possible returning of the company’s founder would give the falling star a chance to put the house in order and also remodel their offices with the help of But looking into the future one can assume that it is going to be a small player in the market of smartphone and hand-held devices.

BlackBerry Z10 Price

Blackberry buyout puts the entry-level smartphone to a backseat. Price of Z10 a new BB10 series smartphone of BlackBerry suffers a big loss. After its launch in January it was not able to satisfy a mass. Now sudden rocks smash of buyout trembles the Z10 market in India.

Initially it was launched with a price rate of Rs.43, 490. But considering today’s current scenario BlackBerry offers a very low price smartphone. For current market it is available for Rs 29,990 that means almost 31% cost reduction can be visualized here.

The struggling handset maker had launched the Z10 and a QWERTY counterpart Q10, both powered by its latest BB10 operating system, with a lot of fan holders. However, the devices failed to attract much response from the users.

“We continue to leverage festive season with relevant product and services promotions. BlackBerry 10 platform offers a new and unique mobile communication experience and at Rs.29,990 the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone is uniquely positioned to change the way in which our customers view mobile technology,” said Sunil Lalvani – Managing Director India for BlackBerry. Such statements are smoothing for now it definitely puts question about the situation of company. Looking back BlackBerry did similar thing, it also lowers the price of the Playbook by almost half initially it was available for Rs 37, 990 but then successive decrease in it price puts it to Rs 19,990.

It will be very interesting to know the sales figures post the slashed prices. Now, people have lot of options like the Galaxy S3, the Galaxy Mega 6.3 or the Xperia Z and even the Micromax Doodle 2. All these droids have lot of power inside them. Lets see if Blackberry can actually sell some pieces even at this rate.